VI Image Pad

The VI Image Pad was designed for animal veterinary clinics seeking affordable digital UltraSound.

  • Bright 15-inch high resolution (1024*768) touchscreen monitor
  • B, M, 2B, B/M, and 4B scan modes
  • Easily moved between rooms
  • Intuitive and user friendly design

Image Pad Benefits

  • Touchscreen is easily wiped down between patients, reducing the risk of transmission. No more hair, dust, or bacteria between scanner keys.
  • Multiple transducer ports mean that you can flip between applications efficiently.
  • 334 frame cine loop memory, with the ability to save not only images but also videos. This is perfect for seeking a second opinion or for later review in a busy vet practice, or for providing images and videos to clients as part of an unbeatable scanning service. Easily export files via USB.